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Welcome to the world of XRP Web3 Identity

Welcome to the world of XRP Web3 domains, where ownership, security, and decentralization meet. XRP Web3 domains are operated on the XRP Ledger, enabling users to create unique digital identities and easily interact with decentralized applications and services.

Replace a crypto address with a domain name

In the past, whenever you sent crypto to another person, you needed their wallet address, which consists of a long string of letters and numbers. Today, all you need is a domain name, making it easier than ever to send and receive cryptocurrencies. It’s security, privacy and safety.

One-time registration fee, no renewal fees

XRP domains are not rented, after buying a .XRP domain, it is yours forever, no one can request any renewal fees from you. Domains can be stored in your wallet, like cryptocurrency and only you can control it.


XRP Domains - where ownership meets innovation. Experience increased security, enhanced privacy, and complete control over your online identity.
Increased security
Blockchain technology can enhance security and prevent fraud and hacking
Greater control
You have full control over your online identity, including the ability to transfer or sell domains.
Enhanced privacy
Allow users to retain control over their online identity and data.
No annual renewal fees
More cost-effective alternative to other domain names.
Unique digital identity
Create a unique digital identity tied to your XRP Ledger wallet address.
Improved accessibility
Useable globally without intermediaries or third-party registrars.
For a wide range of applications: identity verification, payments, and decentralized applications
Portable and allow for easy transfer or sale of your domain to others

Great Features

NFT Avatar
You can set your own picture as your NFT Avatar easily.
Public Profile
Public visible profile information such as your website, social media links.
Unlimited Subdomains
You can create unlimited subdomains for your company members easily.
NFT Gallery
Your NFT collections can be displayed and organized many ready-made functions.
SDK integrates with third-party platforms like wallets, dapps, defi, etc.
Transfer Domains
Transfer .XRP domains between domains or addresses easily.
Multi Wallet address
Store many different types of wallet addresses such as: BTC, ETH, Solana, etc.
Custom Data
Store a variety of custom data records that can be expanded later.


Q1 2023
  • Join XDC Web3Domains LaunchPad Program.
  • Join & Win at "XRPL Hackathon: NFT Launch Party".
  • Build Community Program with Glaxe.com.
  • Launch Testnet Program: Join to get early buy offer & discount.
  • Launch Mainnet Program: Pre-Registration & Public Registration.
  • Launch Web3 Profile: xrp.best/profile/youraddress.
  • Applying to XRPL Grants Wave 5.
  • List XRP Domains on makerplace.
Q2 2023
  • Launch Web3 Profile V2: XRP Domains Holders will have a web3 profile like this: yourname.xrp.best.
  • Launch SDK & API and documentation for integration.
  • Launch (Twitter & Telegram) Bot: Alert new registrations & sales of XRP Domains.
  • Launch Features: set nft avatar, social links, transfer domains, sub-domains.
  • Launch Referral Program (Earn up to 50% of revenue).
  • Integration with wallets, explorers, dapps and third party apps.
Q3-Q4 2023
  • Community building: Discord, Telegram, Instagram etc.
  • Launch Sub-Domains program: The main domain owner sets prices & sells sub-domains.
  • Join the Web3 Domains Alliance: With many large domain name projects.
  • Launch browser extension: Chrome, Firefox extension allows easy integration of your name with Web3 platform.
  • Build Web3 dApps: web3 alert, web3 track3 etc.
Q1-Q3 2024
  • Re-Design Website & Dashboard: xrpdomains.xyz.
  • Launch Bridge XRP Domains between XRPL & Slidechain EVM.
  • Launch Web3-Shop: Web3 store similar to Shopify for XRP Domains.
  • Launch Web3-Mail: Decentralized Web3 email, Decentralized, Full control, Self-sovereign & Security.
  • Launch DAO Program: The official launch of the XRP Domains DAO.
  • Airdrop DAO Token for XRP Domains holders.

Project Pitch & Docs

Let's build something really cool with XRP Domains!


What is an XRP Web3 Identity?
XRP Domains is a type of domain name that is built on the XRP Ledger blockchain. It is used to create permanent, censorship-resistant websites and applications that are not subject to the control of any central authority.
How is an XRP Domains different from a traditional domain name?
XRP Domains are different from a traditional domain name in that it is stored on the XRP Ledger permanently, making it resistant to censorship and ensuring that the owner has complete control over their online presence.
Can I buy/sell my XRP Domains?
Yes, you can sell your XRP Domains on a marketplace such as onXRP, XRP.cafe etc, just like any other digital asset.
Is my XRP Domains permanent?
Yes, your XRP domains is stored on the XRP Ledger permanently, ensuring that it cannot be taken down or transferred without your permission.
How does an XRP Domains ensure privacy?
XRP Domains ensure privacy by retaining full control over your online identity and personal data, free from any external authority.
Is it possible to change the content associated with my XPR Domains?
Yes, you can update the content associated with your XRP Domains at any time.
What is the cost of registering a XRP Domains?
The cost of registering an XRP Domains is determined by the number of characters in the domain name, meaning that shorter domain names will cost more to register.
Can I use my XRP Domains to receive cryptocurrency payments?
Yes, XRP Domains are designed to work seamlessly with cryptocurrency wallets and decentralized applications, making it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency payments.